College Advising Process

My college search process is dynamic and specific to each student's needs. I use research, interest profiling & interest exploration to assist the college advising process.

Using research in the college planning process makes the process easier and more focused. 

This includes college research, student interests, and career interests.

Career Interest Profiling

I help students do career interest profiling as a starting point in working toward the path to college.

This information helps select potential majors, which helps focus the college search. 

Interest & Extracurricular Exploration

Helping students explore as many interests as time and finances permit prior to the application process is invaluable. It helps students discover both what they do and do not like, hopefully a passion, which guides their path for what to study in college. 

Exploring interests may include extracurricular programs during the year and summer, such as volunteering, internships, continuing education classes, and pre-college programs. 

Making College Visits

I explain why students must visit numerous college campuses to find colleges that are a good fit. 

Campus visits are important educational and tactile experiences.

Research on the front end of the college search saves time during the application process.

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